Glatt Stove | About us
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Our mission is to be the most economical, ecological and efficient solution to save the life of people who die for not having a clean option to cook.


We look for the best distribution channels so The Glatt Stove can reach our target market: people who, still today, cook with firewood and are dying because of it. However, as it is a multi-segment product, we also reach other audiences with different needs.


We address a global health issue through the production and distribution of The Glatt Stove a high-resistance portable stove which runs on an ecological fuel, which is for exclusive use of The Glatt Stove, also distributed by our company Glatt Stove.


Our vision is to change the life and way of cooking of 3 billion people.


We started as an entrepreneurship project and we have become a certified B Corp, with the aim of combining the commercial aspect with the solution to social and environmental problems. Aspiring to be the best company FOR the world and not just in the world.

Becoming a BCorp is the world’s future. It is also belonging to a great global community committed to generate socio-environmental positive impacts and with clear performance principles and transparency, we have created a lot of things that are only the tip of the iceberg.

  1. International acknowledgement as a committed company to be the best for the world. We have participated in international contests for capital raising and brand recognition as a social company.
  2. Commercial alliances with other BCorps. Carbon Credit Capital is a B Corp based in New York that gives assessments and certification to companies to reduce their carbon footprint or for them to emit carbon credits.  
  1. Reinforce our commitment to the environment. Instead of bottling the fuel in plastic containers, we found that we can transport it in a safe way in aluminum cans, which represents a big step for us, because the recycling process of the can is the most successful and environmental friendly.



We have the Clean Industry certification, awarded by PROFEPA, for successfully meeting the legal requirements concerning the environment.



Continuous crowdsourcing

All the projects we work on are based on generating cooperative processes where all the involved contribute as subject matter experts to cover all its edges to obtain the best results based on the stated objective. In our journey, we are always open for constructive criticism to constantly improve our projects.

Fun and elastic attitude

We keep a flexible and adaptable attitude towards the circumstances and challenges that might come about as a team and as a company facing them positively with the intention of making our job fun. Our elastic attitude allows us to extend our response capacity to where it is needed to cover a specific need and those of our allies, customers, and suppliers in terms of the solutions we offer.

Slingshot effect

We work under this principle, if we stretch the elastic with little strength then the distance that the launched object travels is short. On the other hand, if we stretch the elastic with the maximum strength possible, taking it to the limit, the distance that the object travels is exponential. When we think in starting a project, we do it considering the effect of the slingshot as our spearhead.

Passionate for people

When we think in offering a solution to a specific problematic we do it considering that it has a real impact on people solving a specific situation that can help them improve their life conditions or their life quality. We are passionate imagining that what we do has the primordial end of generating a change in a person with a name and a last name.

The right to aesthetic

The Glatt stove was conceived from the beginning as a product of good design, that is why we take care of every detail regarding the outer appearance of everything we do, of every brand application so it always keeps an aesthetic design. We are convinced that every single one of our customers, no matter their socioeconomic status have the right to have in their hands a product that looks “pretty”.

Oriented to efficient solutions

We are focused in offering solutions that solve problems that affect people’s health and wellbeing, not on selling products. We are always looking for the simplest and most efficient way to do and solve things without complications avoiding reworking or reprocessing taking care that what we offer its viable in its execution or its implementation.

Autonomy and speed to act

Acting on their own is one of the principal professional commitments that every member of Glatt Stove has. Keeping a proactive disposition to solve things in timely manner allowing for pertinent decision making for processes to flow properly. Additional to the autonomy there is the capacity to respond with speed/readiness to the needs that might come up to solve things in an efficient way.

Exponential Focus

It is not about start being big but to think big to reach the place we wish. We take decisions based on a high impact focus of great reach. We are convinced that growth that comes in big scale, vertiginously and in gigantic steps is the only one that allows incredible and unthinkable things with an exponential result.

Sexy Speech

Everything we communicate in Glatt Stove, written, oral, graphic or audiovisual must be attractive, inspirational, motivational with the end to conquer who reads us, sees us or listens to us. Every time we talk about the brand we do it with the conviction to “infatuate” that who we address to win more than a customer; a fan that follows us loyally throughout time.

Planetary Vision

We have the vision for our solutions to reach every corner of the planet where needed acting always with a social and environmental commitment that reflects in a benefit for people and the environment. Specifically, through the Glatt stove we look to solve a problem that affects millions of people in the world and we do it caring for it and respecting it.